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Our way of dressing, our style, speaks of us. Express yourself with fashion: how a new look can make you feel better

It speaks of our way of being, of how is our character, it gives evidence of how we express ourselves towards the outside and, even if sometimes “the dress does not make the monk”, it tells a lot about us.

There are days when we are overwhelmed or full of things to do that we just don’t care what to wear. A new look can help us feel better: just a simple pair of jeans, a sweater, and a pair of ankle boots to feel more ” confident “, even if in this way we do not enhance our being.

A simple change of hairstyle, make-up, a new accessory, can make us reborn from bad moments, improving our mood.

Because if it is true that especially to leave the house we need to have a tidy appearance, and we also like to have it at home with a comfy look, what makes us feel really good is to please yourself.

Let’s take as a reference, for example, a formal look often required at job interviews, regardless of the context in which you will find yourself, this style will help us feel more confident and professional, have you ever thought about it? Or, speaking of colors, it is no coincidence that a whimsical person wants to wear bright colors. It is not about wanting to attract attention but these bright colors, such as yellow, electric blue, red, just to name a few, usually express a sunny and expansive personality.

On the other hand, it is different for those who, being more reserved, tend to wear garments with more subdued shades, from black to beige, and shades of gray or oversized garments as if to hide and hide their physicality.

Often we do not pay attention to this thing, that is to say, the fact that wearing certain garments and the way to wear them, speaks of us. There are also people, however, who wanting to hide their character side, perhaps more shy and shy, choose to create a breastplate, wearing something that represents the opposite of what it is temperamentally.

However, there are not the same tips for everyone, fashion is a way of being, it is subjective, sometimes a pair of earrings may be enough to feel better, other times we prefer a more elegant dress, a pair of heels to turn the day. Or a crease at the hairdresser, or better yet, a total make-over even without the need for a special occasion, to make a day better and unique for us.

No matter the colors, the styles, it is important to always feel yourself and never out of place and unsuitable.

We must embrace the bad moments and wear our comfort garments in these cases, just as a comfort zone because we feel calmer and we all have them in the closet!
And if a new look helps us feel better, let us be inspired by the seasonal trends recommended by Colette Clothing.

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