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How to set up the window of a women’s clothing store

Enhance your shop with Italian wholesale fashion of Colette Clothing

Spring is approaching and it’s time to think about how to set up the window of your clothing store in the right way.

Spring is like a mood even in fashion. Dress shop windows as if they were flowers, giving colors, romantic tones, and fresher and more delicate fabrics. It is a period when we feel most creative and seems to be the best time to design and implement new ideas.

We at Colette Clothing are specialists in women’s wholesale clothing, we choose only the best of Italian fashion and can guide you in the ideal set-up to attract customers to your shop.

Setting up the window of a clothing store is not something to be taken for granted, it should not be improvised.

It is the business card that intrigues people and leads them to enter the shop to take a “look”. Many women’s clothing retailers, therefore, will have to think of ideal solutions to attract the female audience we know are very passionate about style.

We want to ensure that Colette women’s clothing is enhanced through the shop windows of our merchant customers as their success is ours. We care about their maximum satisfaction, so we want to give some little advice to start to set up the window shop for the new season:

Tips for setting up the window of the women’s clothing store:

• If you like pastel colors, you can combine them, use a single color or think about combining a delicate color like mint green, light blue, pink, and yellow with a neutral color like beige;

• If you prefer the floral style, you can use black or white as a neutral color and combine it with garments with brightly colored flowers, perhaps with warmer shades such as pink, red, coral, or orange;

• Or again, you can focus on timeless denim suitable for all ages, telling through the window which are the must-haves that can never be missing in the wardrobe;

• You can change the display window every 3 weeks, so you can indulge yourself as you like, always riding the wave of current trends;

• finally, you can be inspired by the desire for days outdoors and then create a more casual showcase with blouses, dresses, blazers, and chinos.

As a background of the shop window, we can recall the color of the garments chosen to show. For example, if we want to keep the floral style, we can enrich the showcase with fake flowers, plants, or with a cardboard floral background. 

Same thing if you choose pastel colors: you can dare by inserting colored strips with soft colors in the background or inserting fake tulips in the colors of the garments chosen for the window. 

Let yourself be advised by Colette Clothing, a specialist in the sale of wholesale clothing for retailers, online, or at our warehouse in Florence.

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