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Finally, it’s the turn of the blazer. There is nothing better than a blazer when the spring air arrives in the city. It is a mid-season garment, typically black or blue, but in summer you can choose many colors, always suitable for all body types. The strengths, in fact, of this garment, are precisely the informal elegance that can be adapted to all occasions, from the office to the university, to a ceremony or an apéritif or to going out with friends in a disco.

With just one blazer you can give your wardrobe a long life as well as create your style

  • casual
  • formal
  • jaunty
  • gritty.

Let’s see how it’s possible.

Why is it called blazer? 

The origin of the name means “to shine”, but it comes from the name of a ship of the American navy, whose crew had to wear a double-breasted jacket with gold buttons for the Queen Victoria visit who elected it as an official uniform. So, the word brings us back to a really important change in style. How it is for today’s clothing, from the moment that the blazer has become versatile outerwear to be worn as a unique piece.

How do you wear the blazer?

Therefore, the blazer, from a jacket of male and military derivation, becomes an indispensable item of women’s clothing in the mid-season wardrobe. This jacket has its own identity: it is unique, wearable, fresh, and, why not, more elegant. Pay attention to the length, The blazer should reach at least up to the hips or even a little further down. The oversized model is a precise model of a long boyfriend-style blazer that, left open and worn with slim fit trousers, makes the waist slimmer and it is very on-trend.

The blazer models. 

Primarily, we have to remember what has been said so far. A single versatile garment can give new life to clothes that have perhaps seen more than one season. The model shorter in front and with a longer “tail” in the back is for the broad-shouldered body. On the opposite, to give more volume to a pear-shaped body, it takes a little padding inside the shoulder straps and decorations on the front of the jacket. Then, the slim-fit models are made for thin bodies.

How to match the blazer! 

The blazer is a garment for those who love to be comfortable and for those who want to play with elements of their wardrobe.

  • Do you prefer to be casual, but you need to be elegant for an important event? Then choose your favorite t-shirt, without writing and in a neutral color (also white, do you remember how Julia Roberts was dressed sometimes in Pretty Woman?) and a pair of jeans without tears or patches (the most classic model possible). Here comes the blazer to break the mold and make the look more professional (if you are on the job) and prettier (for all other occasions). Better with lace-up sneakers.
  • With a minidress you can use a black blazer and extend the life of your summer clothes. The length of the dress must be longer than the blazer, which you can also take over the shoulders.
  • Are you a rock type? Dress in a rock t-shirt and black jeans or denim shorts with a blazer. So you are gritty but elegant.
  • Are you a classic type? Put on your blouse and cigarette trousers, but don’t forget to add a fine strap over the blazer, perhaps in the same color as the heels you wear.
  • Even when you have an eccentric look for evening outings, the blazer is essential. If you wear a skirt, dress, a pair of high shoes is a must-have and use your blazer to make the look less obvious and to appear less naked!


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