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Pop 2022 prints to color your wardrobe

Pop 2022 prints to color your wardrobe. The fashion of S/S 2022 expresses the desire to be (only) themselves and pop prints are the most undisputed trends. The print on dress, shirt, shorts, and trousers are the real explosion of color for fashion, for the summer 2022. You also dare to have the whole printed outfit, even with pop prints, iridescent prints, better for the evening. Hoping to return to normal life, fashion launches this message: be yourself, express the desire for freedom through clothes and through colored ones. If this injection of energy is captured by women, it means that we are called to dare, always with femininity. Floating dresses with soft lines or more structured ones with just one rule: they must be pop style with geometric layout.

 What do they want to express with pop prints and geometries?

  • Color
  • Innovation
  • References to the 70s
  • Souvenir of Polynesian prints and flourishes a la Paul Gauguin, in a lively tableau vivant
  • Real-life transpositions
  • References to nature, to natural elements and to the animal world.

How to combine prints with your wardrobe?

Here we go with some stylish tips. We often give up on buying printed dresses because unless we buy a complete outfit, we don’t know how to match them. The simplest thing is to combine them with neutral colors, black and white. For example, this fashion rule makes it easy to buy a shirt with prints. The look can also be fine when you want to match a printed garment with another garment which has to have a solid color of the printed ones. Considering the example of a shirt, you can combine jacket and trousers that also have different colors but colors which are part of the printed design.

If the desire was to create something totally new and very eccentric, you can also combine two garments with different prints with at least the same colors inside. While, the stripes and polka dots, which are going crazy again this year for the Spring Summer 2022 Collections, if they are black and white, they can go well on every outfit! A truly separate chapter is the animalier garment which, on the other hand, must always be played down with something that is sober and in a strictly color.

Pop art culture: summer fashion 2022

The Pop Art has greatly influenced fashion since the 1950s both for the use of hyper bright colors such as shocking pink, and for using the prints anywhere. Consider, for example, the use of comics for shirts and blazers and for all clothing (even today it is very cool). In short, an irreverent and very cool style. In the 1970s, the fashion of jumpsuits was launched, shoes were with very high platou, sunglasses were big and coloured. In a word, eccentrism has reigned supreme.

Without thinking about the dream world of the catwalks or the star system but thinking about the everyday life, we can say that this year we can use the rule of non-rule as this style of geometric prints teaches us.

Be careful not to put too many things together, too different, because you can dare but always with style!

Look at Colette Clothing shop, many geometric print proposals for your summer look are waiting for you!

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